Lego Robots!

These Lego projects express a fun take on rapid prototyping and robotics. The Kinetic Rhino mimics a slow gallop with a blocky cartoon aesthetic through a basic chain and gear set up. The Pen Printer over-engineers the task of Christmas card writing and offers a fun alternative to caligraphy during the festive period and more. The Tank Sentry automatically follows a three tone path with a colour sensor as well as targetting foe in its path and firing a small plastic pellet.

Space Compass!

Under the theme of the cabinet of curiosities of the future, our team of four constructed our brief to design and create a navigation tool for a world where space travel is ubiquitous. As well as generating initial design concept, I also had a crucial role in sourcing and combining the relevant data to calculate where the planets in our solar system are and determine how the compass should move to point in the direction of the chosen planet when selected from the button panel.

Utrient: Cleaner Farming!

Utrient is a distributed water pollution solution, tackling livestock waste, in the form of modular algae farms. Because our system provides cleaner water, valuable algae for cattle feed and natural fertiliser, Utrient offers a more financially attractive waste management solution for all key stakeholders including water companies and farms.

After a successful exam and RCA show, Utrient was selected to be presented at a number of Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 events - including being selected to be presented to Princess Anne at the commission's biennial presidential dinner.


My Academy is an online platform that enables students to become their own tutor. The platform allows users to identify areas of need through assessments and pre-requisite skill breakdowns as well as enabling users to most efficiently build on these problem areas with a series of learning tools (practice questions, video tutorials and interactive excercises). Extensive user testing has informed this project and enabled me to form a strong foundation to build this service further.

Cards Against IDE!

Cards Against IDE is a creative facilitator to generate novel design challenges similar to my IDE interview. Participants can use these challenges to exercise and improve their divergent creativity, visual communication and 3D making skills.

Pong Games!

These novelty ping-pong games are themed around the Winter Olympics (Ski Jump), Harry Potter (Quiddich) and Star Wars (Han Solo Blaster). With a fun and different spin on a classic game, these have proved particularly enjoyable at social functions.

Ping Ping Pong Pong (pictured right bottom) was one of the results from a few days of experimenting with low-fidelity prototypes. Exploring how enjoyable novelty games can be when everyone has similar ability levels. The dual table tennis paddle makes it a game about cooperation rather than coordination.